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Joy of Being Married – Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Agonias, Jr.

Congratulations to the Newlyweds!

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Meet the newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Edgar and Chelsea Agonias, Jr. Married on April 23, 2016, at Anna’s Ranch Heritage Center, Kamuela, Hi. It was heart touching to learn that when dad said his wedding vows, his two girls (L-R) Audri and Kerianna started to cry; standing with them their cousin.  Best wishes, blessings, and long life to the Agonias family; that made Pastors Kelvin and Gaye Chai very happy. They are planning to be baptized on May 1, 2016.

Marriage is one of most wonderful events in our lives, the bonding of two individuals to love and cherish one another, to accept each other unconditionally, nurturing and sacrificing for each other, and to share the work and joy of raising a family.

Life’s road has its mountain top highs and challenges in the valley, marriage is about sharing the those high places and getting through those challenges to gain wisdom and inner spiritual strength. We pray that you together sing in the rainy seasons and on mountain tops.

“Love is patient, kind, not envy, not boast, not proud, not rude, not self-seeking, not easily angered, keeps no record of wrong doing, forgives, not delight in evil, rejoices with the truth, always protects, trusts, hopes, and preserves. Love never fails.” ~ 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 NIV

Each person and couple is different, each having special gifts and talents. It’s a new season in life to start their own family and new team. Congratulations to the parent’s of the newlyweds, a job well done of the highest calling.

We wish you long life, good health, joyful children, a growing family, and much peace. It Starts at Home. Yee Ha! Way To Go! 

Meet the new Mr. & Mrs. Kaopua and Kapualei Tripp-Borge. Married on March 19, 2016, at Kamehameha School’s Kapalama Campus, Bishop Chapel, Honolulu, HO
Happy One Year Anniversary to Ryan & Stephanie Quinajon-Lau. Married October 18, 2014
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan & Stephanie Quinajon-Lau, Married October 18, 2014
Mr. & Mrs. Brandon and Pomai Longakit Bartolome, Married February 18, 2014
Mr. and Mrs. John and Lillian Ide celebrated their 56th Wedding Anniversary Saturday, June 14, 2014. When ask how they did it he said, “love, respect, and thank you Jesus!”Starts at Home would like to share your photograph of your wedding or earlier photo.  We’ll share and celebrate your new covenant and joyful occasion.  We wish you much happiness and hope many children to come from your loving and nurturing spirit.
Mr. & Mrs. Jessie Curtiss
Mr. and Mrs. Jessie and Trixy Curtiss, Married June 15, 2012
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt and Arlene Fujioka. Married February 25, 2012, “soMaui’d”
Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Crystal Kalahiki, Married June 2011
Mr. and Mrs. Dustin and Ashley Malama-Poplardo, Married January 1, 2012
Mr. and Mrs. Christian and Kimberly Okuyama-Ross, Married November 11, 2011, Mililani, Hawaii
Mr. & Mrs. Ku’i and Amy Horwitz-Hanapai, Married August 1, 2011
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Ferreira
Jason and Sarah Ferreira, Married September 5, 2010
Chris and Sarah Leialoha – Married March 20, 2010
Grant and Corrie Higuchi – Married June 6, 2010
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cadavona, Married September 2010

Encouraging Parents

“Parenting is the most challenging and is the most rewarding job there is” says, Christian Ross, Dad

Starts at Home encourages parents with children under seven years of age. You’ve heard it said it “starts at home”.  Children don’t come with instruction manuals.  Starts at Home are people who love parents and children, who are devoted to helping children achieve the best in whatever God given talents they have.

Parents are empowered to teach good attitudes and skills like faith, sharing, obedience, honoring parents, reading, math, memory, budgeting, and other practical life skills. We want our children to be the best they can be, giving them the freedom to choose their path in life.

We believe that parents whether married, single, or custodial, can teach children and protect them against the temptations they will face in the world like, unhealthy eating, sexual permissiveness, illegal drugs, internet safety, selfish pride, and excessive materialism.

We have a lot of work when it comes to loving the children and encouraging parents. There’s a lot of traumatized children out there.. Charles Manson, a life-sentenced murderer,  is an example; he grew up without the love of nurturing parents and eventually release his ugly anger.  When Charles Manson was born his mother did not give him a name, later, his mother sold him for a pitcher of beer.

In the United States, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics,  “the homicide 1) rate doubled from the early 1960s to the late 1970s, increasing from 4.6 per 100,000 U.S. residents in 1962 to, 2)  9.7 per 100,000 by 1979,  3) in 1980 the rate peaked at 10.2 per 100,000,  and 4) subsequently fell  to 7.9 per 100,000 in 1984. 5) The rate rose again in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s to another peak in 1991 of 9.8 per 100,000. 5) The homicide rate declined sharply from 9.3 homicides per 100,000, 6) in 1992 to 4.8 homicides per 100,000 in 2010″.

The poverty of no love and rejection can lead to many forms of mental illness. With hope, faith, and love, we come to serve. We are a group of individuals, businesses, organization working together to help families because children are not born with instructions.  For more information on this group see the Organization in this website.

We would be pleased to have you be part of Starts at Home, call us at (808) 937-4392,  or email us at startsathome@hotmail.com.  Have a wonderful and joy filled day!

  • This article was originally published on April 4, 2010

By Carl Okuyama

Terry’s Eulogy – The Submissive Wife -“10 Who Made a Difference” Honolulu Star Bulletin 2009

Eulogy and Celebration of Terry Makino-Kaide’s Life

April 21, 1922 to March 30, 2012

Shared by Annette Clay, Charlotte Kaide, Gale Sakaguchi
Written and Presented by Carl Okuyama

This Eulogy represents the warm feelings that were spoken by Mrs. Kaide’s children, cousins, and aunties, who have a great story to share. They said mom touched the hearts of many because of her love, compassion, genuine kindness, and her thoughtfulness toward others, these were her special qualities. She always had great words of wisdom and was the rock and the glue in their family. The family would like to share and celebrate their mother’s life. This is a story of a submissive, nurturing wife, and mother.


Terry was born on April 21, 1922 in Maui to Shizuyo Abe and Masato Makino. She was the eldest of nine (9) children.

Terry Abe-Kaide, Hilo, Hawaii

Terry’s mother Shizuyo had a cleaning shop in Hilo and requested that Terry, at age 15 help her in the business and also to provide for her siblings. Terry made this sacrifice.

She attended Hilo Intermediate School, through the 9th grade. In order to honor her mom’s request, Terry was unable to attend high school; this did not stifle Terry’s desire and tenacity to further her education. Terry accepted the challenge to seek further education. On Sundays Terry would go to Mrs. Conquest’s home on Reed’s Island to study typing and shorthand.

It was after her brothers and sister were grown that Terry left for Honolulu to study at the Galusha Business School; earning a degree as a legal secretary. After graduation Terry, began working for Attorney Harlocker in Honolulu who encouraged her to take the civil service test. This led to Mrs. Kaide becoming a court room stenographer.

Sidney and Terry Kaide, married October 13, 1945, the beginning of a 64 year marriage.

The Abe’s were friends with the Kaides and this helped lead to the courtship of Terry and Sidney. Sidney was serving his county in the United States’ Army. They were married on October 13, 1945. They had three children, Annette, Charlotte, and Gale.

Besides her full time job at the court, Kaide was the chief administrator for her husband’s business, Sidney Kaide Contractor and Real Estate Developer Enterprise. It was Terry’s second full time job. She was a submissive and loving woman behind a great man who loved his wife. She was her husband’s voice coach and his biggest cheerleader in all his undertakings. Terry also enjoyed line dancing, and was a great singer but modest and humble.

At the same time she cared for her mother-in-law who lived with them and was in a wheelchair due to a stroke. The stamina needed to withstand such huge responsibilities is displayed by Terry’s fruit filled character and witnessed by, patience, determination, tenacity, courage, and long suffering.

Terry was gifted with quite an artistic talent and found time to do Japanese Sumie painting and was a member of the Sumie Society of Hawaii, Director of the Hilo
Chapter, she exhibited her exquisite paintings at the Japanese Brush Painting annual exhibitions in Honolulu Hale City Hall. She also enjoyed taking Ikebana classes,
Japanese flower arrangements. She received her instructor’s degree in teaching Ikebana.

For relaxation time gardening at her Hilo home was her passion, the Kaide’s were awarded a Certificate from the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine for their beautiful garden. Terry was blessed with a green thumb. People would stop to admire her lovely well-manicured garden that was her pride and joy. Another form of relaxation was travel; together Terry and Sidney pretty much sailed around the world by cruise ship.

She also was a good cook, who regularly cooked her favorite dishes for her friends and family. The family loved her Nishime and Shrimp Spaghetti. She would enjoy taking food to Ebesus’ a local FTD Florist, the ladies there were her close friends, among them Aunty Ann Kaya.

Mrs. Kaide culminated her civil service career in the court system as Chief Clerk of the Third Circuit Court in Hilo, which now is filled by attorney Lester Oshiro. She worked for the State Judicial system for 30 years.

The Kaides. L to R: Annette Clay, Sidney Kaide, Charlotte Kaide, Gaye Sakaguchi, Terry Kaide; celebrating the signing of SB190 into law, April 21, 2012, known as the “Love Bill”.

Most recently she was instrumental in passing Hawaii’s Senate Bill 190 into law and was recognized by the Honolulu newspaper Star Bulletin as “10 who made a difference in 2009”.

Terry’s life and marriage of sixty-four (64) years is a role model for our community. Today the sense of family and Ohana is greatly needed in today’s society. A family loves, nurtures, and helps to build a community and nation.

In closing, to find happiness Walt Disney said, ”A man should never neglect his family for business.” Oil Tycoon J. Paul Getty said “I hate to be a failure. I hate and regret the failure of my marriages. I would gladly give all my millions for just one lasting marital success.”

Beloved Terry, thank you for your legacy, thank you for your love.

On behalf of the Kaide Ohana, they would like to say to everyone, Mahalo Nui Loa for all your prayers… Aloha Ke Akua. We love you. Ua Mau Kea Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono, O Iesu Cristo!


It was a privilege to meet and become friends of Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Kaide. Their daughter Charlotte is a Christian missionary, she was one of the original individuals in a group that helped spawn Starts at Home.  I witness a miracle of healing after Mr. Kaide repented and accepted Jesus as his savior, this was during a time when Sidney who was normally 175 pound weighed less than 100 pounds, cancer stricken, his skin was an ugly green in color, he could hardly breathe; we were alone at Hilo Hospital’s Extended Care building; I was stunned and a bit afraid as Mr. Kaide repented.

The following year joyfully and with good heath Sidney sang his favorite karaoke songs at his 84th birthday. In later years, Terry also accepted Jesus Christ.  Pastor George Karves shared the Celebration of Life at both Terry’s and Sidney’s life and I was privileged to present both their eulogies.  Thank you to key Hawaii legislators who helped with the passage of SB190, Senator Dwight Takamine, Representatives John Mizuno and Clifton Tsuji.  Also, to Helen Sumoba-Saplan’s care home for seniors that provided a nurturing place for the Kaide’s.  And most importantly to God we give all the Glory … our heavenly father!

Understand Yourself and Others? – Leonard Mukai, PhD.

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