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Understand Yourself and Others? – Leonard Mukai, PhD.

Come to the next FREE session on Human Needs Psychology. You will each do a simple self-assessment to determine your 6 human needs. This will be fun and help you understand yourself and others.

Aloha, Leonard (808) 935-7050


Recommendation: Leonard Mukai, PhD. and Cecelia Mukai, PhD. are affiliates of Starts at Home and have moderated numerous parenting potluck dinners. Leonard is a certified Life Coach. The above program is excellent and you’ll enjoy yourself; it can help foster joy and peace into any relationship. The classes are fun and entertaining. If you have a challenged relationship or just want to strengthen a relationship, Starts at Home recommends calling Leonard, he certainly can help.

10 Common Mistakes in Relationships and How to Avoid Them

I just read an email by Dr. James Dobson who said that “only 1 or 2 marriages in 10 will generate the intimacy so desperately sought.” That is so sad. It can be prevented, especially by avoiding the first mistake that most couples make. I will be sharing about 10 mistakes that couples make.

The session will be on Saturday the 19th at the YMCA on Lanikaula St. It starts at 5pm. Bring a friend!

Aloha, Leonard (808) 935-7050


Note: Leonard Mukai, PhD. and Cecelia Mukai, PhD. are affiliates  of Starts at Home and has moderated numerous parenting potluck dinners. The above program is excellent and highly recommended.

Strengthen Your Relationships

New Techniques to Help Couples and Families Overcome Conflicts – Leonard Mukai, Ph.D.

Using Human Needs Psychology to bring rapid, sustainable improvements in relationships

Relationship conflicts create mental, physical, financial, and family problems. These problems include divorce, domestic violence, infidelity, depression, stress, and out-of-control children. These problems are so widespread that dramatic change is needed to overcome them.
The most effective solution is to treat the cause of the problem. The root of the problem is that individual needs are not met. This creates conflicts. The simplest example is an infant. His (or her) needs are very simple. He needs to be fed, loved, and kept comfortable. If these needs are not met then he will quickly cry or scream. Children, adolescents, and adults are similar to infants but with a few more needs. By understanding and meeting an individual’s needs, conflicts are resolved and even prevented. 
Tony Robbins and Dr. Cloe’ Madanes have developed a new school of psychology, Human Needs Psychology, and the Robbins-Madanes Institute for Strategic Intervention in order to give people tools to overcome and prevent conflicts.

Come to a free introductory session on Human Needs Psychology. It will include a video of a powerful intervention by Tony Robbins that restored a distressed marriage.

Place: Uncle Billy’s Hilo Bay Hotel
Date: Friday June 17, 2011, 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Registration begins at 6:00.
Call Leonard Mukai             808-935-7050       to pre-register.
Leonard Mukai, noparentingproblems.com

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Planning to get married, newly weds, and married couples, this class is perfect for you.  You’ll have fun and learn the simple secrets to a strong and lasting marriage. Unlike many traditional marriage seminars that tend to be overly serious, technical and emotionally taxing, the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar is the fun and easy way to learn.

Dates:    Thursdays, starting March 10th. 6:30 pm, 4-5 weeks.

Place:     Home of Chris and Sarah Leialoha, 1188A Kaumana Drive

Cost:       $30.00 a couple / $15.00 for extra workbook

Limited to 10 couples, to register call Chris at (808) 557-1945. Workshop leaders are Chris and Sarah Leialoha, and Keoni and Erica Soares.