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Free End of Summer J.A.M. Family Fun – Pahoa, Hawaii

Loving God, Loving People, Loving Life

IT’S J.A.M (Jesus And Me) End of the Summer Bash!!!!!- SATURDAY, JULY 24 FROM 10AM TO 2PM…GAMES, PRIZES, AND SURPRISES!!!! COME AND HAVE FUN ON THE WATERSLIDE AND STAY TO ENJOY OUR LARGEST ICE CREAM SUNDAE!!!! FREEEEE!!!>>>@SOLID ROCK MINISTRIES- PUNA<<<…BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH AND HAVE A PICNIC ON OUR LAWN….SEE YOU THERE! – For more information call Solid Rock Ministries Puna, Pahoa,  Hawaii  965-7677 – Shared by Rosina Valentino

Share and Teach – No to Drugs – Video

Parents share this one minute video with your children between the age of five and seven years of age. We believe that when tempted by an older child or person, our children will say “No” because they love, trust, and obey their parents. By sharing this video with your child you will be placing a  hedge of protection around your child.

This video is brought to you by loving parents who encourage and teach children at home before others say “try this… it makes you feel good”. When this happens we hope the child will answer and say, “No”.


It Starts at Home encouraging parents and loving children.

Loving Solutions – Building a Happy Home – Classes Starts 6/22

Parenting Class

Notice: Class location has changed. Call for more information.For further information call (808) 935-7050 or email mukaiL002@hawaii.rr.com.

Keaau, Hawaii – Our good friends Leonard Mukai, Ph.D. and Cecilia Mukai, Ph.D. are hosting a new series of six (6) Loving Solutions – Building a Happy Home classes. They are waiving the $79 registration fee to the first 10 person to sign up, a $20 course manual is required. According to Leonard the program has an “extremely effective curriculum” and uses the Parent Project curriculum.

This a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of, for yourself or someone you know.

We would like to thank the Mukai’s for inviting “Starts at Home” to their new class to encourage parents and love children.

We are hoping and praying for more organizations to create new classes, seminars, training sessions, and counseling services, helping to spread a parenting revival.

Leonard Mukai

See you at class in beautiful Hawaii.
Aloha Ke Akua

Cecilia Mukai

Second Chances – By David Welty

Second Chances – Written by David Welty

Grandpa Carl and John enjoying our “Second Changes” that Welty is referring to; it is such a joy to be with the new and growing family.

It’s not very often that we get a second chance in life. When we have raised our children and we have aged, we tend to look back and more often than not wish we had spent a little more time listening and playing with our children. As we all know they just grew too fast and many of us feel that there were many missed opportunities.

The older we get, the more we realize what is truly important….it certainly isn’t a big career, fancy cars or a big house. It is the joy and love that comes with family and to those of us that God blesses with grandchildren, we truly do get a second chance. We now can take all day to listen and play with our children’s children.

The short temper that some of us had as parents seems to completely disappear and spending time with our grandchildren becomes a joy with true unconditional love. Our grandchildren believe grandma and grandpa know everything and can do anything. We all know this will soon pass too quickly, however we are embracing our second chances while they last.