Second Chances – By David Welty

Second Chances – Written by David Welty

Grandpa Carl and John enjoying our “Second Changes” that Welty is referring to; it is such a joy to be with the new and growing family.

It’s not very often that we get a second chance in life. When we have raised our children and we have aged, we tend to look back and more often than not wish we had spent a little more time listening and playing with our children. As we all know they just grew too fast and many of us feel that there were many missed opportunities.

The older we get, the more we realize what is truly important….it certainly isn’t a big career, fancy cars or a big house. It is the joy and love that comes with family and to those of us that God blesses with grandchildren, we truly do get a second chance. We now can take all day to listen and play with our children’s children.

The short temper that some of us had as parents seems to completely disappear and spending time with our grandchildren becomes a joy with true unconditional love. Our grandchildren believe grandma and grandpa know everything and can do anything. We all know this will soon pass too quickly, however we are embracing our second chances while they last.

6 thoughts on “Second Chances – By David Welty

  1. A lovely post….I had four of my grandchildren living with me for five years….it was an awesome time…and a difficult one too…however, I now have such a close bond with them.

    1. Hi Granny, we have three children and waiting for grandchildren. Can hardly wait. I’ve heard so many nice stories. I guess that will be the next big adventure for Amy and I. Aloha and thanks for the comments.

      PS: David, thanks for the nice message, lots of wisdom in it.

    2. Hi Granny, Our grandchild is now 1 1/2 years old and such a joy. The bond that Andee has with everyone is so joyful. Thanks for helping encourage parenting. Aloha and God Bless.

      1. Grandkids are wonderful Carl….such special little things.
        Having said that…my eldest grandkid is 20….not so cute anymore!

  2. This made me think of one of the positives of being an older parent, too. Having already aged some (!), as you put it, I am more patient and spend more time listening to and playing/interacting with my young daughter than I might have when I was a younger parent. I absolutely love it. You’re sure right about how quickly it goes, though.

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