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Parenting Class – How to Teach Age Appropriate Sex Education to Young Children Before 7 Years Old

Parents Nurturing and Loving Children

Here’s a subject many parents shy away from due to not being sure how to communicate with their children on this sensitive and important subject.  Parents Inc. and our moderators will be sharing with our parenting group ways to communicate to children on this subject. Guest speakes from Parent’s Inc. will include *Regina Puritan, Big Island Director, and *Danielle Stain, Clinical Supervisor.

The important points in this class is sharing material that is age appropriate presented in a nurturing way.  The class will share ways to build a bond between child and parent(s) so children will openly seek the parent’s knowledge instead of going to other children or inappropriate media.  We hope you will join our fun group.  Anyone parenting is invited, especially dads.

Moderators(s):                           Carl Okuyama and Leonard Mukai, Ph.D.

Date:                                         Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time:                                        5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Cost:                                         Pot Luck Dinner,  No Fees

Sitter:                                      Amy Okuyama (librarian) will help sit the children. If you would like to help sit the children, your assistance would be appreciated.

Place:                                       Carl and Amy’s Place, 1346 Kilikina Street, Hilo, located above Hilo Medical Center; take second left street passed Hilo Medical center – Lahi Street; then take first right – Kilikina Street; then drive down the hill .4 mile to 1346 Kilikina; on the left side; two-story grey and white colored house.

RSVP:  startsathome@hotmail.com,   or call Carl at (808) 937-4392, or Amy (808) 938-8977.

Starts at Home Map - 1346 Kilikina Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Map to Starts at Home – 1346 Kilikina Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Bio on Speakers:
*Regina Purinton,  Big Island Program Director Parents Inc. is originally from Oahu.  She obtained by Bachelor’s in Social Work and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1994 when she relocated to Hilo.  Her past experience includes:  Working for the Department of Human Services as a Social Worker, in Hilo as well as on Oahu.  She also worked for DHS in the licensing of Day Care facilities and private homes. She has experience working for the Department of Health in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division. She helped open the Hilo office of PARENTS Inc in 1999 and has been the Program Director since.

*Danielle Spain, Clinical Supervisor has lived in Hilo since 1992. She obtained a double Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Communication from UH Hilo as well as her certification in treating addiction. In 2002 she received her Master’s in Counseling from the University of Phoenix. She has a small private counseling practice working with juvenile sex offenders and she and her husband are foster parents for high risk youth. Her past experience includes: 10 years working in the field of addiction eventually becoming the Director of Operations for the Big Island Substance Abuse Council. She then went and worked for various non-profits here in Hilo gaining experience working with a number of social ills including poverty, domestic violence, sex assault and high risk youth. Most recently she worked for the Department of Human Services Child Welfare as an investigator. In July of 2010 PARENTS Inc was awarded the VCM contract and she came to work for PARENTS Inc.

Join your Community’s Christmas and Holiday Parade

One way to enjoy the holidays with the children and create a memorable history with your family is attending or particating in your community’s Christmas and Holiday Parade. Each year thousands of towns and cities celebrate this joyous season. Have fun and get involved in your area’s Christmas Parade, an excellent family affair.

In Keaau, Hawaii to get involved or get more information on the 7th Annual Lighted Christmas Parade, Saturday, December 11, 2010, 5:30 pm, call Arlene Macanas at (808) 896-1236.

Pot Luck Parenting Dinner – The Family Team – Loving, Fun, and Disciplined – with Tani-Katada Freitas

Tani Katada Freitas with her Family - Ten (10) Children - Awesome Team

Tani Katada-Freitas has ten (10) children, five (5)  biological children, three (3) “hanai” raising other family children, and two (2) adopted.  Her oldest biological child is now in pharmacy school.  Tani was a teenage mom.  Tani will share how she’s doing it. 

You’re invited to a monthly pot luck dinner.  The purpose of these dinners are to encourage parents to interact and pick up positive parenting ideas to help love and nurture children.  The group has moderators to take questions and get practical answers.  Children are not born with instruction so the group provides the support and place to ask questions. Pot luck dinners are held every second Tuesday of the month, same place, same time. 

By making time to attend this worthwhile event, you’ll save time avoiding and overcoming future problems.  Highly recommended for parents with children under seven years of age, children and anyone interested in parenting are welcomed to attend. 

October’s  Topic:                 The Family Team – Loving, Fun, and disciplined 

Moderators:                          Tani Katada-Freitas and Carl Okuyama 

Date:                                         Tuesday, October 12, 2010 

Time:                                        5:30 pm to 8:300 pm 

Cost:                                         Pot Luck Dinner,  No Fees

 Sitter:                                      Amy will help the children. If would like to help sit, your assistance would be much appreciated.

Place:                                       Carl and Amy’s Place, 1346 Kilikina Street, Hilo, located above Hilo Medical Center (take second left street passed Hilo Medical center – Lahi Street; then take first right – Kilikina Street; then  to 1346 Kilikina; left side); two-story grey colored house. 

RSVP:  startsathome@hotmail.com, (808) 937-4392, or just come, all welcomed. 

Starts at Home Map - 1346 Kilikina Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Starts at Home Map - 1346 Kilikina Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

Share and Teach – No to Drugs – Video

Parents share this one minute video with your children between the age of five and seven years of age. We believe that when tempted by an older child or person, our children will say “No” because they love, trust, and obey their parents. By sharing this video with your child you will be placing a  hedge of protection around your child.

This video is brought to you by loving parents who encourage and teach children at home before others say “try this… it makes you feel good”. When this happens we hope the child will answer and say, “No”.


It Starts at Home encouraging parents and loving children.