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Sharing the joy of being grandparents and what we learned along the way.

“Grandma… Stay”

Andee is sad because Grandma is leaving today.  "tay ganma" she said.
On the way to the airport at IHOP restaurant, Andee is sad because Grandma is leaving today. “stay ganma” she said. Then when asked if she wanted to go home with grandma, replied, “otay”  Parenting joys from spending time with them are precious.

Being excited watching grandchildren growing up is one the joys in life.  It’s wonderful to have grandchildren at the age where they can recognize people and appreciate the attention, love, and teaching associated with the nurturing and bonding that was given during the first years of infancy; at age two it’s a transitional year when they go from an infant to a toddler, it’s the “planting twos” where children learn at genius speeds.

This week Amy was in Honolulu helping our daughter Kimberly and her husband, Christian. Amy was glad to help and flew to Honolulu to be with their family.  Amy was anxious to see our granddaughter Andee and have fun with her. The week was busy as usual with Amy training and playing with Andee, including reading, writing and coloring, chasing her around the house, blowing bubbles, going to tumbling class, “putting make-up” on grandma, and cooking with the family; it was a busy and fun week.

After a week with Andee, Amy sees that Andee is happy and learning quickly, using sentences, and having less tantrums.  This is because Andee’s  “planting twos” years is being nurtured by her parents and family’s constant interaction, play, and loving discipline.

While having breakfast Kimberly told Andee, grandma was going back home to Hilo today,  Andee’s response put a tear in grandma’s eyes, Andee with a really sad face said,  “Gamma stay”.  And, when Kimberly asked Andee if she wanted to go with grandma, she said “otay”.

Joy from parenting doesn’t come from living in a big house nor the things we buy for them, seeds of joy comes from quality time we spend with children. Today, give the children a hug and lots of quality time together, the rewards are eternal.

Written By Carl Okuyama

Dad Christian applauds Andee's finishing swimming lessons over the summer.
Dad Christian applauds Andee’s finishing swimming lessons over the summer.

Second Chances – By David Welty

Second Chances – Written by David Welty

Grandpa Carl and John enjoying our “Second Changes” that Welty is referring to; it is such a joy to be with the new and growing family.

It’s not very often that we get a second chance in life. When we have raised our children and we have aged, we tend to look back and more often than not wish we had spent a little more time listening and playing with our children. As we all know they just grew too fast and many of us feel that there were many missed opportunities.

The older we get, the more we realize what is truly important….it certainly isn’t a big career, fancy cars or a big house. It is the joy and love that comes with family and to those of us that God blesses with grandchildren, we truly do get a second chance. We now can take all day to listen and play with our children’s children.

The short temper that some of us had as parents seems to completely disappear and spending time with our grandchildren becomes a joy with true unconditional love. Our grandchildren believe grandma and grandpa know everything and can do anything. We all know this will soon pass too quickly, however we are embracing our second chances while they last.