Power Parenting by Leonard Mukai, Ph.D.


You’re OK, your children are OK, and you just need some TOOLS to make parenting and life less stressful and much more enjoyable. Come to Power Parenting to help change children’s behaviors. You will learn:

1. How to never argue with your children again.

2. How to help them improve school performance.

3. How to have your children listen to you.

4. How to have your children respect you.

5. How to have a healthy and happy home!

When: January 19 and 26, February 2,9, and 23 from 6:00-8:00pm.

Where: Thy Word Ministries, Awapuhi St (off E. Kahaopea below Baskin- Robbins)

Call Leonard Mukai, PhD, CPC, Parent Project Facilitator: 935-7050   Cost: $150 covers book, parents and grandparents

Happy New Year!

Aloha, Leonard (808) 935-7050


Note: Leonard Mukai, PhD. and Cecelia Mukai, PhD. are affiliates  of Starts at Home and has moderated numerous parenting potluck dinners. Leonard is a certified Life Coach. The above program is excellent and highly recommended.

Leonard Mukai

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