Na Himeni – A Family Event

Welcome to Na Himeni

Community Service With Aloha

In these economic times, our government simply doesn’t have enough funds to maintain community facilities like schools and parks for our children and families. What a privilege to show God’s love in action by working together as one church to serve the East Hawaii community. The Bible says that many hands make light work and the joy of the Lord is our strength. Let’s work together for East Hawaii and have great fun and fellowship at the same time. Let’s show our congregations that it is fun and a joy to serve!

May 29 service will be at Keaukaha Elementary School

June 4 service will be at Waiakea High School and at various county parks.

`Ohana and Keiki Fair, Saturday June 5th: In this economy it is difficult for many families to go out for a day of food and fun. What a joy it is that we can provide this for them and show children and families how much God loves them! The purpose of the “Children’s Fair” is to have a fun and wholesome event for the entire family with free food, free entertainment with Leon & Malia, and free games and prizes.

Evening Events: It is difficult for many families financially to take the family out to dinner for a night of wholesome fun and entertainment. What a privilege to show God’s Love to families by creating this time for them! Each night there will be a free dinner for the first 500 people. Thursday June 3rd will be “Youth/College” night where the entire family can watch high octane Youth/College groups worship, dance and do dramas. Friday June 4th will be Ethnic Night with groups worshipping Jesus with the songs and dances of their cultures. Saturday Night is Contemporary/Gospel/Hymns Night with some of the best worship teams in Hawaii performing. There will also be food and craft booths in a fun carnival atmosphere.

Please join with us in showing God’s Love to East Hawaii while having a blast together!  For more information call Hilo Missionary Church at: 959-9211.

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