Parenting – Free “G” Rated Children Videos Rentals Announced

Hilo, Hawaii  – Wiki-Wiki Video introduced a Free Children’s Video Rental Program starting Sunday April 11, 2010. The company placed a newspaper coupon on the front cover of the city’s weekly TV Guide magazine “Remote”, published by the Hawaii Tribune Herald.  The program provides safe entertainment and educational materials for parents and children.

The company plans to continue this program and hopes it will grow. The program is available at two stores in Hilo and Puna on the weekends, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Weekends were selected as not in interfere with children’s school programs.  The programs promotes and encourages parent and children bonding and allows children to choose a free “G” Rated video in a select category of the store when accompanied by a parent or adult.

The program is in partnership with a new start up group “Starts at Home” that encourage parenting and teaching children a wide variety of concepts before the age of seven (7).

Wiki-Wiki Video is a division of Sure Save Super Markets, Ltd. For further information please call  (808) 959-5060.  A copy of the video coupon is attached, and can be redeemed when printed with this blog article.

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