Thanks for Helping Parents and Children

It Starts at Home

Starts at Home is a family centered organization.  We are encouraged by the help from organizations and individuals, and appreciate those who are helping parents and children in our communities, our children are the future coming.  If  you would like to help or would like additional information contact us. Carl and Amy Okuyama/ 1346 Kilikina Street/ Hilo, Hawaii 96720/ Phone (808) 937-4392 /e-mail

Supporting Affiliates and Organizations:

Bill Walters, W.H. Shipman Ltd.,

Carl & Amy Okuyama,  Wiki Wiki Mart

Charlotte Kaide, HELP Ohana International

Chris Leonard, New West Broadcasting, KWXX, B-97, K-PUA

Cynthia Antonio-Honma, Ken’s Towing

Ida K. Smith, Best Friend Camp, Isaac Hale Park, Kalapana, Hawaii.

James Nishimoto, HRC Company

John & Gail Kimura, J.K. Electric Company, Retired

K-CIF, FM Radio Station,  Hilo, Hawaii

LAVA 105 FM Radio, Hilo Hawaii

Leonard Mukai, PhD.

Leon Siu,

Matt Torres, Zion’s House of Praise Holiness Church,

Nathan & U’ilani Nacino, Suite 7 Styling Salon

Nelson and Monica Parker, Hawaii Motorhead Magazine

Pacific Radio Group (KAPA, K-Big, Native, and ESPN)Pacific Radio Group

Pauline Brault, Retired—S.F. Electrical Union Trust

Peter Junker, Insurance Agent

Renee Godoy, Glad Tidings Church – Glad Tidings Church Hilo

Robert & Suzie Daley, Central Christian Church and K-CIF

Robert & Semmi Hollifield, Barnabas Ministries

Rupert & Adele Tripp,  Hallelujah Ministries, RTJ Music & Palm Records

Sarah Duckworth Ferreira, Paradise Public Relations

Sue Barnett, Retired Veterinarian

Trina Nahm-Mijo, PHD.— UH-HawCC


James Long

Steve Elliot

We appreciate everyone “Encouraging Parents and Loving Children”.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for Helping Parents and Children

  1. Hi Carl, it was nice to see and talk with you the other day. Thanks for sending me the site info. Its great!!! You guys have been doing a lot of work. I would like to learn and include some of your concepts with our youth, and also share some of mine with you. The parenting issue at the age 7 is ideal. Unfortunately there are lots of single parents with teens already, and parents who consider their kids as a burden and don’t love or want them. Hani family, foster families, uncles, and men and women in the community need to step up when needed. I see you have. I have kids at school with a dad/mom in jail, and a mom who has a new boyfriend that doesn’t like the kids. School staff have embraced him and he is moving in the right direction. Lots of kids go to church also. We are not allow to talk about religion in school. But we can say God in a general sense. I love you Carl for being a asset to this issue, your passion and sencerity is real. More Blessings, Moon

    1. Hi Moon:

      Thank you for all you do and for sharing with us the challenges in our community.

      We feel there’s no need to grumble about our system; it’s time to help the children though encouraged parenting. The stories you share are true and not understood by most. We need to be wise and “start at home” to prevent more poor examples that continue to enable the way we live.

      With faith we will bring the full potential of human existence to glory, in humanities, arts, sciences. “All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree”. Albert Einstein

      You are welcome to use any material here without permission; it’s for our children’s future. If you would like to help or if I can assist, just call. We are planting good seed with parents who have children under seven years of age.

      Keep up your good work helping produce digital media for teachers and students.

      Aloha and blessings to you Mr. Brown,

      Carl and Amy

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