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Pot Luck Parenting Dinner – The Family Team – Loving, Fun, and Disciplined – with Tani-Katada Freitas

Tani Katada Freitas with her Family - Ten (10) Children - Awesome Team

Tani Katada-Freitas has ten (10) children, five (5)  biological children, three (3) “hanai” raising other family children, and two (2) adopted.  Her oldest biological child is now in pharmacy school.  Tani was a teenage mom.  Tani will share how she’s doing it. 

You’re invited to a monthly pot luck dinner.  The purpose of these dinners are to encourage parents to interact and pick up positive parenting ideas to help love and nurture children.  The group has moderators to take questions and get practical answers.  Children are not born with instruction so the group provides the support and place to ask questions. Pot luck dinners are held every second Tuesday of the month, same place, same time. 

By making time to attend this worthwhile event, you’ll save time avoiding and overcoming future problems.  Highly recommended for parents with children under seven years of age, children and anyone interested in parenting are welcomed to attend. 

October’s  Topic:                 The Family Team – Loving, Fun, and disciplined 

Moderators:                          Tani Katada-Freitas and Carl Okuyama 

Date:                                         Tuesday, October 12, 2010 

Time:                                        5:30 pm to 8:300 pm 

Cost:                                         Pot Luck Dinner,  No Fees

 Sitter:                                      Amy will help the children. If would like to help sit, your assistance would be much appreciated.

Place:                                       Carl and Amy’s Place, 1346 Kilikina Street, Hilo, located above Hilo Medical Center (take second left street passed Hilo Medical center – Lahi Street; then take first right – Kilikina Street; then  to 1346 Kilikina; left side); two-story grey colored house. 

RSVP:  startsathome@hotmail.com, (808) 937-4392, or just come, all welcomed. 

Starts at Home Map - 1346 Kilikina Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Starts at Home Map - 1346 Kilikina Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

Teach a Child to Read – Introduction to Your Baby Can Read

Result - Train a child to read early in life.

“Dr. Titzer says the current practice of starting to teach reading skills in school is too late and children benefit greatly from getting a much earlier start since a child basically has only one natural window for learning language — from about birth to about age four. During this period it is easier for a child to learn any type of language including spoken, receptive, foreign and written language. The earlier the child is taught to read the better they will read and the more likely they will enjoy it.”

Studies prove that the earlier a child learns to read, the better they perform in school and later in life. Early readers have more self-esteem and are more likely to stay in school. Meanwhile, a national panel of reading specialists and educators determined that most of the nation’s reading problems could be eliminated if children began reading earlier.

Maybe the correct question is…Why should a parent delay teaching a child to read when the most natural time to learn language is during the infant and toddler years?

Seize this small window of opportunity to enhance your child’s learning ability and order the Your Baby Can Read Early Language Development System today!”

A parenting website you want to see:  Your Baby Can Read