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The Magic of Singing with Children

What do 1st U.S. President George Washington, singer Elvis Presley, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  comedian Sinbad, and singer Katy Perry have in common? Answer: As children, they all were raised and influenced by the church and gospel music, then later in life influenced our society.

In the below YouTube video, these children singing are not only learning music, also reading, stage confidence, public speaking, and teamwork. Music greatly has a positive effect on early childhood development.

I had the fortunate opportunity to serve on the University of Hawaii’s Presidential and Regent’s Scholarship selection committee for four years. Hawaii’s brightest students competed for the most generous scholarships the University system offered; its objective was to keep Hawaii best students in Hawaii. One common tread stood out among the gifted winning applicants, they all had music training.

As parents, singing with your children or having them participant in music programs can influence their success. Enjoy the video !2 Days of Christmas – Jesus Style – Messiah.  Lyrics to this song is available on YouTube, click “show more”, additional information is available.

Amy and I would like to say thank you very much to Miss Emily, Mrs. Pacheco, Mrs. Newcomb, and Mrs. Niimi for teaching our children to sing at the Kaumana Baptist Church – Keiki Land Preschool Program, in Hilo Hawaii.

Happy Holidays,  Joy and Peace to Everyone.