Teenage Sex Abstinence Message on the Radio – Bay Clinic

Hoorah! Bay Clinic Promotes Parenting and Sex Abstinence

Thank you to Bay Clinic for sharing their radio commercials that encourages increased parent and child engagement and urges parents to talk to their adolescent children about sex and family planning.  Sex education is not a one time talk, instead a series of talks beginning from the age of one.  Their commercials tie into Starts at Home article article about teaching sex education before the age of seven.

Bay Clinic is using  three (3) commercials to promote their message and services.  We like hearing the word abstinence on the radio and hope it touches the lives of parents and children; it was so refreshing to hear these commercials produce and aired in 2011, enjoy these important messages.

Commercial #1  – Bay Clinic_Teen Pregnancy-2-Men

Commercial #2 – Bay Clinic_Teen Pregnancy-Father & Son

Commercial #3 – Bay Clinic_Teen Pregnancy-Mom & Daughter

Bay Clinic does not provide abortions but they will offer pregnant women neutral and factual information, non-directive counseling, and referrals upon request for our women patients’ pregnancy options.

Starts at Home encourages other parenting organizations to promote abstinence at an early age and to join in to help parents train children in the way they should go.  A wise parenting choice is to start teaching sex education as part of early childhood development; a popular article in Starts at Home is  Teaching Sex Education Starts at Home – Toddlers, Children, Four Steps Before Seven Years Old.

Thank you Bay Clinic for your concerns and creative public service announcement.

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