Happy Father’s Day

The best Father’s Day present is having wonderful kids! 

Here’s a shout and pat on the back to all the fathers out there.

Thanks the lessons in life you shared, your coaching, and for the many experiences you gave us as a child; many times just by watching you. Now, I understand why we had to obey you when we didn’t want to listens, instead wanted to go the other way.  Thank you for being stronger than our disobedience.  When we children we spoke like a child, now with children of our own I understand how your love would serve us well through life’s journey.

Dad, God knows we are not perfect and we had bumps along life roads, that’s not a problem and I forgave you for those like our heavenly father has forgiven us. Those bumps were speed bumps that help us learn through refreshing humility, they made us stronger and all the more wise.

Dad, thanks for all of  life’s good times and sufferings, all these come with a good purpose and a learning experience.

Happy Father’s Day

by Carl Okuyama

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