Love is a Parent’s Greatest Gift to Children


Love is the greatest gift we can give our children. When we love and demonstrate this love to our children they will follow and obey. In our society the word love is often misundestood and mistaken to mean a sexual relationship. But true love is a divine spirit that is caring, nurturing, sacrificial, enduring, and willing to suffer long for someone. A parent’s love is the foundation of a lasting and enduring relationship that  builds a strong family; this kind of love builds  a home with a solid foundation that can weather the storms we all go through in life.

Many  children who have been physically, mentally or emotionally abused have run away from homes  and this is not their fault.   Starting at home loves everyone as we need help in different ways, love in unconditional.

When trying to understand the word love we  focus on the word’s original meaning found in Greek, here we find nothing that is connected to a sexual relationship.  The root of the word “love” is agape and agapo, which means love, affection, and fondness.

Starts at Home encourages parents to love their children; love is the greatest gift.

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