Radio 2010 Start 0416 <<< Click here to listen.

To provide safe needed family entertainment in our communities “Starts at Home” is partnering with Wiki-Wiki Video to promote wholesome family time entertainment.  Here’s our first radio commercial; “enjoy the children, enjoy parenting, it Starts at Home”. In Hawaii, the commercial will air on KAPA, KWXX, Native, and B-97. Click the above link to hear radio commercial.

Also it’s great to see Walmart partnering with Proctor and Gamble to focus on family friendly entertainment.  Earlier this year Walmart made the following annoucement; their firts movie debuts today.

“BENTONVILLE, Ark., February 11, 2010 – Walmart (NYSE: WMT) announced the official launch of its Family Moments campaign, a marketing, in-store and digital initiative designed to provide more entertainment options for the entire family. This is in direct response to research which reveals that parents across America are seeking more family-oriented entertainment for the whole family to enjoy together. A focal point of Family Moments is a project with Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) to produce family-friendly TV programming, beginning with “Secrets of The Mountain,” a TV movie which will debut on NBC on April 16, 2010.”


Aloha and enjoy a movie with your family.