Loving Solutions – Building a Happy Home – Classes Starts 6/22

Parenting Class

Notice: Class location has changed. Call for more information.For further information call (808) 935-7050 or email mukaiL002@hawaii.rr.com.

Keaau, Hawaii – Our good friends Leonard Mukai, Ph.D. and Cecilia Mukai, Ph.D. are hosting a new series of six (6) Loving Solutions – Building a Happy Home classes. They are waiving the $79 registration fee to the first 10 person to sign up, a $20 course manual is required. According to Leonard the program has an “extremely effective curriculum” and uses the Parent Project curriculum.

This a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of, for yourself or someone you know.

We would like to thank the Mukai’s for inviting “Starts at Home” to their new class to encourage parents and love children.

We are hoping and praying for more organizations to create new classes, seminars, training sessions, and counseling services, helping to spread a parenting revival.

Leonard Mukai

See you at class in beautiful Hawaii.
Aloha Ke Akua

Cecilia Mukai

1 thought on “Loving Solutions – Building a Happy Home – Classes Starts 6/22

  1. Leonard Mukai did an awesome job on the first two classes. Wow, how I wish there were these kinds of classes when Amy and I first got married. Made me realize what mistakes I made over the years. These classes are good for parents who are starting to have kids. Call Leonard to start coming to classes. Definitely Four Stars **** See you in class. 🙂

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